Tool Pot / Machine Tools

Tool storage Tool Pot®

Our company has delivered more than 3 million units of Tool Pot. It has high levels of quality and reliability, and is now used both in Japan and overseas. The material is a special strengthened plastic, which has excellent mechanical strength and dimention acuracy and stablity. Reducing the material weight has also reduced the running load, contributing to reductions in ATC cost.

a. Standard pot

Standard pots cover a range of different types. An economic option, since initial investment in die design etc. is not required.
Standard pot

b. Specialist pot

Can respond to a range of diverse needs, from ultracompact through to heavy tools, and can also be designed to overseas or specialist tool specifications. sp-toolpot
Specialist pot

ATC Chain Chain Pot®

A combination of high-quality tool storage and standardized chain, which offers an economical, compact ATC design. The chain can be selected according to usage requirements to ensure an optimum combination.

a. SK type

Lightweight ATC chain, mostly used in horizontal type machining centers (MC)
SK type

b. HP type

For use in serpentine shape, since chain can bend backwards. Allows efficient storage of a range of tools in a restricted space.
HP type

c. Rotating type

Mainly used in vertical type MCs. Pot rotates to angle of up to 90 degrees.
Rotating type

d. High-speed type

Improvements to the sliding part have facilitated a magazine speed of 40m/min.
High-speed type

Tool grip equipment Tool Grip®

Uses a composite material that does not require refueling, offering an alternative to metal. Makes possible a lightweight magazine, with no wear to tools.
Tool grip equipment Tool Grip®