Our strict quality control covers from small-lot production to mass production.

Quality control

Our company stick to producing everything based on our own in-house production system. For this reason, we manage every process carefully so as to implement our strict quality control.

Quality control covering all processes guarantees high quality

3D measurement instrument (Fukumitsu Plant)We have expanded our plants and increased the number of operators in proportion to expanding business scale. This surely increased the types and volumes of products we can produce. However, we never neglect any of production processes. We pursue whether products of high quality are really produced through all processes or not. Our quality control system that looks down at all production processes can be achieved only because a number of engineers engage in work within the company. Good materials are produced, which are difficult to use for molding. Molding is easy, but processing is difficult. Our quality control system can eliminate these dilemmas.
Assembly site of Fukumitsu Plant