To maintain the best quality, we stick with our in-house processing system.

Resin processing

In-house processing is also our approach. With direct molding fields currently decreasing, we consider in-house management of all processes to be the nearest way to maintain quality.

Direct pressure molded parts, though fine with great precision.

Machining center (Fukumitsu Plant)

Processing of direct pressure molded parts are not the same as that of ordinary metal processing or processing of injection molded parts. Products produced by direct pressure molding based on the materials for direct pressure molding actually require processing exclusively for direct pressure molding. Including processing of our original product that is the largest share in the industry, Tool Pot, we provide various processing services with high precision.

In-house production brings about true cost reduction.

NC lathe (Kanazawa Plant),Lathe processing

Our mission is to provide the world with our high-quality products by direct pressure molding and to respond to a wide variety of needs of customers. Facilities that handle direct pressure molded products have currently been falling, if we try to maintain secure quality and to meet deadlines while reducing costs, the answer can be found nowhere but in in-house production. No matter how rare direct pressure molding processing technology becomes, our company is strongly determined that we continue to maintain our in-house production system in order to meet the demands of customers in quality, price, and deadline.

Universal miller (Kanazawa Plant),Complex lathe (Fukumitsu Plant)
Processing work (Kanazawa Plant)