We respond to broad needs of direct pressure molding.

Direct pressure molding

We have produced materials for direct pressure molding in-house, have introduced equipment for direct pressure molding, and have accumulated necessary techniques for direct pressure molding.

Self-confidence as a professional group of direct pressure molding.

300-t direct-pressure press (Fukumitsu Plant)

Establishing the molding department, since 1967, we have committed ourselves to direct pressure molding. Under the consistent system, this department has been in charge of various molding processes from producing fabric chips as base materials and molding materials, to processing and quality control. It has also produced precise and strong molding products based on utilization of mature techniques and related knowledge along with introduction of exclusive molding machines, in addition to some conventional advantages of direct pressure molding that enable molding of large products and thickness/uneven thickness molding. Considering low productivity of direct pressure molding to be an advantage that brings about small-lot production, we have worked on secure production approaches faithfully and consistently. According to the request of each customer, we accept production from a single piece.

Stable supply based on plant production supported by enhanced equipment and engineers.

Tablet machine / Transfer (Fukumitsu Plant)

When hearing the expression "direct pressure molding," you might imagine home industry where family members diligently work on molding. There used to be mature techniques and careful work performance. While inheriting a sense of integrity originating in such a home industry, our company introduced 37-1500t machines into plants with sufficient capacity to respond to mass production. By doing so, we are always ready to offer stable supply of our products of secure quality. We also focus on cultivation of engineers so that not to stop handing over our excellent molding techniques.

Cold storage,Fukumitsu Plant

Our challenge to new fields.

Alaska pipelines

In 1975, we participated in a large project took place in Alaska to construct hundreds of kilometers of pipelines from the Arctic Ocean all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Insulator bushes produced by our company (weight: 3.3kg x 140,000 pieces) are still stably used on-site without receiving requests of resupply or product return, even now after 30 years. Our products have surely demonstrated their durability under severe climate conditions.

Tool Pot®

In 1976, we successfully developed resin Tool Pots for machining centers based on collaborative development with Fudow Co., Ltd. We were able to contribute to development of machine tools significantly, while earning impressive credentials from various domestic and overseas companies.

Hydraulic power plant

In 1990, we took part in producing bearings used for the turbine of the world's largest hydraulic power plant in Ivanhoe, Australia. Cooperating with OILES CORPORATION, we were in charge of producing the main bearing (separated into the product weight of 50kg = Diameter: 1910mm). We worked on this project consistently from producing the raw materials to molding and processing.

Tohoku Shinkansen Line

In 2001, we received the production project of insulation plates that would be used for rail fastening devices for the Tohoku Shinkansen Line. Within three months until the deadline, we molded, processed, and delivered 130,000 plates consistently. We also supplied this product to the Kyushu Sinkansen Line, the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line, and the Hokkaido Shinkansen Line.

1500-t press

In July, 2010, we introduced a 1500-t press machine (see the photo). In August, we produced one bearing for the tumut3 hydraulic power plant in Australia by using this press and delivered it to OILES CORPORATION.