To master direct pressure molding, we do not leave materials to others.

Molding materials

We consider that we need to produce all of necessary materials in-house in order to achieve stable supply of direct pressure molding products of good quality.

Direct pressure molding requires exclusive materials for direct pressure molding.

A number of molding materials with diverse shapes and colors

In the field of resin molding, injection molding has become the mainstream because of its advantage for mass production. Therefore, materials applicable to direct pressure molding are actually decreasing both in types and volumes in catalogs of each company. However, molding materials necessary for direct pressure molding can never be replaced with those for injection molding. Our company that sees ourselves as a direct pressure molding specialist never relies on outsourcing suppliers to procure necessary materials. Direct pressure molding has become unpopular these days, but because of that, we produce molding materials in-house by making excellent use of our technical know-how we have accumulated for long years as well as our fulfilled equipment.

Flexible support for small-lot production as well as mass production.

Cold storage (Kani Plant)

In order to secure a stable amount of good materials we consume and to respond to the demands of our customers that focus on direct pressure molding, we are always ready to supply a wide variety of molding materials for various applications. Our in-house production system can flexibly respond to small-lot production or mass production at short notice.