Consistent in-house management of all molding processes. We are confident as an unrivaled specialist of direct pressure molding.

Production processes

Production processes

Direct pressure molding for producing thermosetting resins, accepting large items and thickness/uneven thickness molding.

We established our company starting with the production of fabric chips in 1949. Since then, we have produced industrial machinery parts based on direct pressure molding (= compression molding) consistently. Thermosetting resins including phenol resin are reliable resins with more than 100 years of history. This type of resin is applied to a wide variety of industrial fields as a material having excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and weather resistance. There are many products that can be produced only by direct pressure molding, such as large items, thickness molding, and uneven thickness molding, including sheet materials and materials having a low fluidity. We have received diverse requests from a wide variety of industries. Small-lot production is also supported by taking advantage of low productivity. This is also one of the advantages direct pressure molding has. We are always ready to support various customer demands both of shapes and volumes.

Our comprehensive and consistent in-house production system to maintain high quality.

Although thermosetting resins produced by direct pressure molding are certainly in demand in various industrial fields, quantity of production has actually decreased due to specificity and difficulty in production. With difficulty in obtaining necessary materials for producing these resins, it is not such an easy task to secure outsourcing companies. Amid such circumstances, our company has stuck to the consistent in-house production system. We conduct all production processes in-house, starting from production of base materials and molding materials, including direct pressure molding and resin processing, to quality control. This system enables us to achieve cost saving and to produce products of high quality before due date securely.

To pursue direct pressure molding, until now and from now.

Sticking to direct pressure molding from the foundation of our company, we have taken pride in being a professional of direct pressure molding. We are totally convinced that our comprehensive capacity of covering all of the production processes, from production of base materials including direct pressure molding and resin processing to quality control, will surely support various needs and demands of our customers.

Other than phenol resins, we mold unsaturated polyester and epoxy resins.