With all our heart. With all our soul. Direct pressure molding is our mission.

We are confident in all of direct pressure molding.

Fukumitsu plant in July, 2010 1500-t hydraulic molding press introducedSeveral tasks related to direct pressure molding (= compression molding) are all about our business. Equipped with direct pressure molding machines and accumulating techniques and skills of direct pressure molding, we have committed ourselves to direct pressure molding earnestly.
For this reason, we are able to offer high-level answers to all about direct pressure molding. We stick to our consistent in-house production concept through all production processes of base materials and molding materials including molding itself, followed by resin processing.

Mold temperature of 200°C or higher is available by electric heater as the heat source.

To pursue potential of thermosetting resin.

Our company history started with production of base materials is 60 years facing direct pressure molding. Based on the base materials developed in-house, we examine and produce materials necessary for direct pressure molding, while supplying thermosetting resin items (phenol resins) of good quality that can be molded only by direct pressure. This is our pride and our social mission.

Major items

Production and sales of synthetic-resin strengthened base materials (fabric chips) / Production and sales of phenol-resin molded materials
Production and sales of thermosetting resin molded items / Production and sales of resin items

JIS Q9100 and ISO9001

Certified according to JIS Q9100 and ISO9001
Fukumitsu plant and the headquarters plant
Within the IS Q9100 certification
Production of synthetic-resin press molded items for aeronautics
Within the ISO9001 certification
Production of synthetic-resin press molded items for aeronautics
Production of synthetic-resin press molded items for general industries