Environmental policy (ISO14001)

Obtaining the ISO14001 certification brought about high awareness of employees.

JIS Q 14001/
Head Office 1st Factory・Head Office 2nd Factory
Scope of Certification
Manufooture and servicing of molded plastic products.

ISOIn November of 2006, we were certified according to ISO14001 (environmental ISO) at our headquarters. This event significantly increased environmental awareness of the headquarters employees. Additionally, through the building of an Environment Management System (EMS), those staff members who can plan, implement, verify, and sublate policies. There was actually an innovation where this concept was multiplied among staff members. We are now diligently working on implanting this innovation to our other plants. It is important to build a company constitution where no trouble occurs, not by dealing with problems after they arise, but by detecting potential problems in advance and removing them, while conducting a good simulation to assess what influence such potential problems might give. Focusing on these things can be applied not only to environmental management, but also to quality control and safety management, or even to product development. We have a strong confidence that increase in staff members with high awareness will surely lead us to produce and supply high-quality, eco-friendly, safe, and easy-to-use products.

Basic principles

We recognize that global environment conservation is a matter that is beyond the personal matter or the matter of a small company. It is one of the important issues we all need to cope with. Keeping this point in our mind, we diligently work on global environment conservation activities while taking care of harmony with nature, in business activities of Nakahara Chemical Products Industry Co., Ltd., and all of our product and service activities.

Environmental policy

Our company produce and sell synthetic-resin products. But in order to be aware of the mission of this business and to continue our business on a permanent basis, we develop corporate activities in harmony with environment, while beholding prevention of environmental pollution as an important issue.

  1. Recognizing environmental impact caused by our company's business activities, products, and services, we build and maintain our own environmental management system that complies with ISO14001:2004. In addition, we strive to work on preventing environmental pollution while improving our environmental management system and environmental performance on a continuous basis.
  2. Out of environmental effect caused by our business activities, products, and services, we work on the following items as important issues.
    • (1) Promotion of energy saving
    • (2) Promotion of resource saving
    • (3) Waste reduction
    • (4) Planning, proposal, development, and sales of eco-friendly products
    • (5) Trying to remove harmful materials from the materials and products we handle
  3. We strictly observe environment-related laws, regulations, and agreements along with other requirements our company agrees.
  4. We conduct environment assessment for our business activities, and set policies, purposes, and goals, while the top management checks them annually.
  5. This environment policy is made thoroughly known to all of staff members working in and for our company by means of written documents. In addition, this policy is released publicly.