Company profile

Company name:Nakahara Chemical Products Industry Co., Ltd.
President:Katsuya Nakamoto
Address:4-11-9 Nagaremachi, Hirano-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Pref.
Foundation:Apr. 27, 1949
Establishment:Apr. 27, 1952
Capital:50,000,000 yen
Bank:Abenobashi branch of Mizuho Bank, Hirano branch of Hokuriku Bank
Major items:Production and sales of synthetic-resin strengthened base materials (fabric chips), Production and sales of phenol-resin molded products, Production and sales of thermosetting resin molded products Production, and sales of resin processed products
Main equipment:Molding Dept.: Direct pressure molders 37t - 1500t, 100 molders in total
Processing Dept.: 16 four-circle machining centers, 12 NC lathes, and others
Screening dept.: Dynamic balance testers, autograph withstand voltage testers, insulation resistance testers, tracking testers, flatwise withstand voltage testers, and 3D measurement instruments
Main customers:Phenol resin molding material suppliers; tool machine manufacturers; textile machine manufacturers; manufacturers of transport planes, airplanes, ocean vessels, and automobiles; manufacturers of food machines, construction machines, agriculture machines, woodworking machines, and packaging machines; and other industrial machinery manufacturers


Headquarters4-11-9 Nagaremachi, Hirano-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Pref. 5470032
TEL: +81-6-6709-4080
FAX: +81-6-6799-1222

Kanazawa Plant

Kanazawa Plant2-43 Kanaichimachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Pref. 9203134
TEL: +81-76-258-1322
FAX: +81-76-257-2159

Kani Plant

Kani Plant1501-611 Omori Aza Okuyama, Kani City, Gifu Pref. 5090238
TEL: +81-574-64-0701
FAX: +81-574-64-2841

Fukumitsu Plant

Fukumitsu Plant1091 Yoshienaka, Nanto City, Toyama Pref. 9391702
TEL: +81-763-52-7477
FAX: +81-763-52-7478

Yao Plant

4-114 Otashinmachi, Yao City, Osaka Pref. 5810039
TEL/FAX: +81-729-48-0075